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What is working globally?

If you're planning to work worldwide, Global Scrum Master is a key in this rapidly changing world.
Get deeper understanding of how to start international career in the trial session.

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Group discussion

"Hands-on Learning"
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Group discussion with multicultural peers is effective training for working internationally as a Scrum Master.
We provide the unique opportunities to gain diverse perspectives from various backgrounds. 

Participants' comments

“It gave me tips how to develop my IT career into international stage.
Now, I think it's easier than I expected.”

IT Engineer / India

“Nice talking with people from different cultures.
There is great effort to make it feel like an open discussion and beginner-friendly!”

IT Developer / Indonesia


Here our principal is

Attractive speaker

Principal Taka, after participating in a global project with members from 10 countries, was inspired to open an international school for individuals pursuing global careers.
"I strongly believe CosBE International School will empower you to embrace an opportunities awaiting you for international career,  and enable you to truly be yourself!"
Principal Taka

Takafumi Araki
Principal of CosBE International School 

  • Founded own company 2018-2022
  • Tobitate! Japan representative
  • Flagged off a volunteer for Ukraine PJT with 10,000 supporters
  • Participated in cross-cultural govermental programs, SSEAYP 2022 

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25, 26  November
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8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20  January 

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