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Global Scrum Master Basic Course

Course features
  • Diversity: 10 Countries
  • Level: Basic
  • Live-session: 10 times
  •  IT expert instructor
  • Opening: $200OFF
Are you interested in a global career in the IT industry? If so, this course is for you!

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$699  ➡︎ $499

#1 Unleash Your Career Potential

Master basic global team management and promote projects across diverse teams and cultures.

#2 Embrace Global Collaboration

Cultivate essential communication techniques for seamless collaboration within global teams through hands-on group work.

#3 Empower Your Future with Management Skills

Develop a comprehensive understanding of global project management, effective communication, IT industry fundamentals with highly experienced instructors.

Top Features

: Global scrum master
We believe in our education and keeping up to be scrum master.
: International Group Discussion
Learning scrum master and IT management through group work can empower your career to work globaly.
: Community
We have students who are from around 10 countries. Aiming to make connections from countries to countries through our school.

Students' voice

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Accredited and recognized
Interactive learning experience
Flexible learning schedule


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Highlights from the course lecture

Basic input about Scrum Master/ 5 classes

Develop a comprehensive understanding of global project management, effective communication, IT industry fundamentals, and practice to excel in today's technology-driven and interconnected world through lecture sessions with highly experienced trainers.

Practical Case method  / 2 classes

Cultivate essential communication techniques for seamless collaboration and promote information exchange within global project teams through hands-on group work with people from other countries around the world.

Others / 3 classes

Master basic global team project management, scrum and intercultural communication to effectively lead and promote projects across diverse teams and cultures. 

Case-study Group Discussion

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your carer

  • With students from  around 10 countries 
  • discuss with people who has different cultural background


Learn with playful role-playing


Using gamification tool 

IT case method

Case-based discussion topic

Examples from trial course


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Mission of the Community
1. To grow our knowledge of different cultural  experiences and perspective

2. To spread enjoyment of a multicultural community for everyone

3. To collaborate and share individual workplace experience to broaden our ability to excel in the modern workplace.



After founding a startup in Tokyo, flagged off a volunteer for Ukraine PJT with 10,000 supporters. Participated in cross-cultural programs by Japanese government.

Main Instructor

Worked with IT companies in the US and India for 18 years.  Teaching at one of the top IT schools in India for 4 years. 

Sub Instructor

IT entrepreneur for 7 years with over 10 countries, including the USA, India, Japan, and so on. Experienced in multicultural and multi-race projects.

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International discussion

Students comment:
“I really enjoyed group work because I get to talk with people from the world on one thing”

It costs $50 usually, but this time you can take it free!

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